Holo Is Already Strong/Bullish vs TetherUS (299%+ Mapped)

If you are one of those waiting for Holo, normally HOTBTC , I have very good news for you.

This altcoin is already moving against TetherUS, which is HOTUSDT .

Take a look at the chart above, it is strongly bullish and there is room for additional growth.

Let's read the chart signals.

HOLOUSDT Chart Signals
  • Here we have a break of MA200 recently, which is the black line. Moving above this level is strongly bullish .
  • The HOLOUSDT price also managed to move above EMA200 and EMA300, signaling that the bulls are now in full control.
  • On top of these strong bullish signals, the RSI is at 86, which is massive.
  • The MACD is in the bullish zone with additional room for growth.

No need to wait for Holo...
Holo has been going up since the beginning of the month.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Look at the charts yourself to compare. He won't answer questions of someone who doesn't want to look it up himself.
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AlanSantana joshbarker
@joshbarker, Thanks a lot for the support.
Thank you so much for your awesome charts. You always put in great efforts for us. Really appreciate it.
Noob question: how can I ascertain the target amount in Sat? Let's say 0.0012734 - where can I check how much would that be in Satoshi?

Thank you once again. :)
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joshbarker ExoticProfits
@ExoticProfits sorry mate, but this is an absolutely ridiculous question.
Thats magis how can you always be right and foresee it. I wish I have listened your advice right after you posted this. It reached your top target , now do you wait a pull back?
Hello Alan, you have read my mind! Question: if an alt is bullish vs USDT, what does that mean for vs other base coins like BTC/ETH? Is it related at all?

Is it normal to see bullish indicators first for USDT, then only for BTC/ETH?
AlanSantana randomshinichi
@randomshinichi, If the USDT pair is growing and you are holding the coins, you are growing even if you bought in a different pair.

If you don't hold it, these become simply different charts/pairs.
Waiting for 4000x, here. Loooooooong. :-)
Thank you for this, I've been sitting in HOTBTC for months waiting for movement, didnt have a clue about HOTUSDT to be honest, this changes things lol
always professional...
thank you so much for your time and work