Hang Seng Index: Positive to 28017 on a break above 26770

Hang Seng Futures HSI1!
Next Long Set-Up
This index made a neat exit of the upper parallel - followed by a pip perfect retest of the same line before reversing higher again to test the first line of resistance at 26764, failing just below here after an intraday high at 26694 on futures .

The 26770 level is looking increasingly significant. A break above here should be worth following for close to 5% upside to 28017.

This index really needs a stop of about 100 points - 3 times more than the Dow although they are both the same price pretty much.

It's just the way it is.
So a break above 26770 will need a stop 100 points lower at least, and really it should be under the 26588 level, which is over 180 points of risk against 1200 points of reward.

The range between 26764 and 26588 is creating whipsaw - it's effectively a small band of uncertainty which may crreate a little more whipsaw around the open. But once it's shown it can overcome 26770 it should be worth following long - but be careful with the stop if trading this one.