Biotech (IBB) - trade of the year

NASDAQ:IBB   iShares Biotechnology ETF
IBB is at multi-year cross roads . Ideal for straddles / strangles. A dropping RSI points to a weekly downtrend.

Both trade ideas are plotted. From a fundamental perspective, I believe @realdonaldtrump is right, biotech is getting away with murder. I get one of my meds from overseas because it's 1/182 the cost. Yes, you read it right. It costs me $1 there and $182 here for 10 pills.

North America has one of the most affordable:
1. housing, 2. food, 3. cars, 4. Gas, 5. tech, 6. Financial Markets anywhere in the world. But what is charged for healthcare is OUTRAGEOUS. An open heart surgery done in India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia costs $50,000 including business class airfare and 5 star accommodations ($20,000 is surgery cost) . In USA it is $250,000.

This is a topic that Dems and Republicans are aligned on, it's very important for the most powerful country in the world to have affordable health care and thereby provide capability for it's citizens to live a happy meaningful life.

Reducing healthcare costs should also increase profits for S&P by about 10% within the next 3 years as it's one of the major expense for any company.