ICP - Massively underrated project with huge upside

Hey! Il keep it simple on ICP , check the chart to see my comments.
I have made a huge research on this project and from what I have gathered I am 200% in on it for the short term and long term.
I believe ICP can reach a target of 500-1000$ by end of this year and up to 2000$ on 2022.
ICP plans are like the start of the 90's when internet was something that no-one had seen before and if they succeed then it will be as large as if not larger than BTC or ETH, raking it in the top5 coins in next year or two. But this is a bullish scenario if the whole market moves up.
Basically it will be the blockchain mother of all new blockchains in the future, bringing true decentralization. As we know currently none of the crypto projects is truly decentralized because the whole internet is managed by few huge companies and ICP plans are to change that and give back the power to the people.

This is not a pump shill fun coin , this is a massive project with real world problem solving solutions and they are pioneering the way.
I agree to disagree with you if our thoughts are not the same. This is my personal opinion on what I have researched. I even can't comprehend the tech that is behind it. There is a lot new to learn.

So the Technical at the moment:

Possible drop to 26-35 range and then heading up.
Best scenario we hold the 40 zone that is a strong support at the moment and we go up from this point.
Worst scenario it goes to bear market and drops even under 26. In that case I would be happy to buy even larger bags.

Thanks and have a wonderful day and safe trading!
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Comment: looking bullish at the moment, and seems that head and shoulders pattern might be invalidated. That is a good sign and we might see an upside to

first target: 50 dollars
second target: 57 dollars
Comment: Currently holding its new channel on 1h chart. But if it breaks we could see again 40$ or at most drop to 37$. I dont see ICP going any lower, there should be a huge bullish move any day now
Comment: We have currently formed a smaller head and shoulders pattern again, watch out for a possible dip to 40$