ICP forecast and possible price movements variants

Theoretically, the price of ICPUSDT is trying to find the bottom and round up.
Increased trading volumes signal that a struggle between buyers and sellers begins near important levels.

The history of ICPUSD is not very long and there has not been a clear historical minimum yet, we can only guess about "the bottom of the price of ICP" and forecast several variants of the price movement in the future.
This is what we will do:
1. Yesterday when the BTCUSDT price went down, the ICPUSDT price was holding quite well and pushing up - this is a good signal that there are still buyers, who are interested in ICP.
2. If the enthusiasm of buyers for ICP will not fade in the coming days, then from above we can meet the zone of $28-31, where sellers can aggressively activate.
If the buyers win the area of $28-31 and fix the price of ICPUSD above it, it will mean that the buyers are very strong, and they managed to break the falling trend. In this case, the target for growth is up to $56-57.
4. Smooth movement to the right with a gradual and not sharp rise in price will round up and reverse the trend, but before mid-spring you should not expect a more or less decent price to sell your ICP.
5. The price drop below $19 will mean that buyers have given up, and without a buyback, ICPUSDT price can continue to go down, up to $11 in the most negative scenario.
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