How To Chart Economic Data Like Jobless Claims or GDP

FRED:ICSA   Initial Claims
Charting economic data can help you learn more about the macro world and see the bigger picture. This chart shows weekly Initial Jobless Claims in the US. In other words, it shows you how many people are filing for unemployment each week. The big spike, which has never been seen before in economic history, shows what the COVID-19 slowdown did to the economy in just one week. It is unprecedented.

You can chart Jobless Claims and much more. To get started, open a chart, go to the search box, open the dropdown menu, and then find the tab furthest to the right of the drop down called Economy. In this area, you will find many different types of economic data that you can chart from GDP to ISM and more. Most of the data comes from FRED and is US related, but please write us in the comments if you want to see other forms of data.

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