ICX update - Still super bullish on icx. More then ever

BINANCE:ICXUSD   ICON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hello everyone, so still watching the ICX chart and she is doing well. Top price notes are the resistances we have coming up, but should blow through them with ease.

$2.44 is a big mark and then $3.14. once this price point breaks we have nothing stopping us from shooting to $5-$6. Once this level breaks there is next to no resistance all the way up to all time high.

Pre warning. These moves will be SUPER fast on icx. Spending 3 years in the gutter is basically like having a loaded spring in a clamp. It's ready to f*cking explode.

You better think about being in icx..... The next 4 months will be life changing gains.

Stay healthy all.