📈Education content How to scan a coin - ICX example

Hello, treading friends,

This is an 📈Education content With ICX chart trend.

✅How to scan a new increase coin?

First of all, there are different ways to scan coins, some are basic ways, and some ways are known only by private users as it can change from the ways we know. with its private users what I mean is that these systems have proof themself with a backtesting system that has worked before on more coins, and they see that this way is working to scan new increase coins, an example of this checking the volume change - trends - chart showings last 7 days.

✅Every increase coin did show a before the trend, and there is a difference between pumped coins for example by groups and real increase coins.

❌For example when you see a coin pumped huge - check first or this pumping is legit, which means what could be the reason for this pump, check the history data of the coin if you can't find any reason for this pump, check the max supply if you find the supply is low, there is a high chance this pump made by pumped groups. That means it will end in a dump for 90% that could be more breakdown trend than the coin was before. so not every pumped trend is good.

✅ Real increase trend shows before trend as it shows now on ICX - the only reason that ICX did show a small breakdown trend are depending on Bitcoin , but this coin still shows since a time an entry whale volume what means a hold trend by whales. and expecting on that trend it could increase more.

🐳To get a whale ICX to increase to 2.90+ the market cap will become a total of 1.944,017,534 - and means 1B adding what is possible. this change was made in minutes by BTC , and yes ICX is not BTC . but with long term possible * month sep can become important for this coin. 1K whale users investing 1M worldwide and ICX moons.

📈To find good increasing coins it's important that it shows volume , that it shows changes than before for example by the last 30 days volume trend, on another trend it shows against power on BTC , but same time if there is a huge crash, of course, it could change what - but same time the coin should show a strong chart TA. where you can see it go above the before HL.

Tip: See why other coins did increase before and found the difference between them, I am sure you will come to new points why this happened, and on by the time you will have a better view to look better coins.

Have a great day.