Channel Trading On Idex

NASDAQ:IDEX   Ideanomics, Inc
50 and 382 Fibs holding the channel right now for IDEX . Lower limit still holding as "safety net support" but would like to see much more volume here. There's a lot more discussion about EV so maybe that helps. Also seeing a discussion about things like this:

"Ahead of a new advancement, IDEX stock is moving up in the market. On June 14th Ideanomics announced that it has acquired U.S. EV tractor company Solectrac. It acquired the remaining 78.6% of the company which gives it a more than majority ownership. While many think of electric cars as the main source of a sustainable future, few consider the major agriculture industries’ use of fossil fuels. And, many farmers spend the majority of their operating costs on fuel for their vehicles. So, to transition to electric would be major for this industry."

Quote Source: 4 Penny Stocks to Watch Following the Fed Meeting and Powell’s Remarks


Thanks for an excellent presentation, so the 3.54, 4.52, 5.5 are the resistance levels? safely we can set a target around 4, what do you think?
PennyStocks101 techserve2020
@techserve2020, I think 3.50 area is gonna be important to break and hold above. It's been really consistent as a pivot point