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Average Volume ---
Beta - 1 Year ---
Price - 52 Week High ---
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Enterprise Value/EBITDA, TTM ---
Enterprise Value, FQ ---
Market Cap - Basic ---
Number of Employees ---
Number of Shareholders ---
Price/Earnings, TTM ---
Price/Revenue, TTM ---
Dividends Paid ---
Dividends per Share, FQ ---
Expected Annual Dividends ---
After-tax Margin ---
Gross Margin ---
Gross Margin %, TTM ---
Operating Margin ---
Pre-tax Margin ---
Balance Sheet
Cash Ratio ---
Current Ratio ---
Debt to Assets ---
Debt to Equity ---
Long Term Capital ---
Net Debt ---
Quick Ratio ---
Total Assets ---
Total Capital ---
Total Debt ---
Income Statement
Basic EPS, Net Income ---
Earnings per Share, Basic, TTM ---
Gross Profit ---
Last Annual EPS ---
Last Annual Revenue ---
Net Income ---
Total Revenue ---
Operating Metrics
Return on Assets ---
Return on Equity ---
Return on Invested Capital ---
Return on Invested Capital %, TTM ---
Revenue per Employee ---
IgnatBorisenko IgnatBorisenko PRO PEP, D, 6 days ago
PEP: PEPSICO - bullish trend
113 2 7
PEPSICO - bullish trend
There's an opportunity to have wave (iii) of soon
BreakOutArtist BreakOutArtist PRO XLK, D, Long , 2 months ago
XLK: XLK: Using RSI and Volume to Project a Potential Breakout Trade
153 2 5
XLK, D Long
XLK: Using RSI and Volume to Project a Potential Breakout Trade
Hi, Here's an idea where we use make use of RSI and Volume to project the likelihood of a potential breakout trade. 1. XLK has more or less trended higher since 2012 up till now. There was a period of sideways consolidation between Aug 2015 to Jun 2016. However, price has successfully breached the Consolidation ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO HMY, 120, Long , 17 days ago
HMY: HMY - 2hr
34 0 4
HMY, 120 Long
HMY - 2hr
I've got 5-waves up. May already be in wave circle-iii. Wonderful potential here with a stop below the recent 1.87 low. A ~2.20 stop may get taken out IF wave circle-ii is operative, but would also be viable if 2.33 was the top of circle-I. Green fib targets revised slightly lower from prior ideas due to lower C ...
NickDin NickDin BAC, D, Long , a month ago
BAC: Bank of america
68 0 4
BAC, D Long
Bank of america
https://www.tradingview.com/x/XNwkLmQ3/ BASIC FUNDAMENTALS i) P/E=13. So, if the earnings remain constant and be delivered to shareholders we see that a potential buyer of this share will take back his capital in 13 years.Also, a high P/E ratio shows the positive expectations for future profitability. ii) P/BV ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO SPY, 30, Long , 2 months ago
SPY: SPY - 30min
91 5 2
SPY, 30 Long
SPY - 30min
Perhaps wave (ii) was shallower than I anticipated. Wave 3 has a tendency to surprise this way. Wave (iii) of cir-iii of 3 is another ~5% higher. Targets remain the same as earlier ideas. Count is a little different than IWM which seems further along in wave 3. Over support, I remain bullish. Nothing in the ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IWM, 30, Long , 2 months ago
IWM: IWM - 30min
53 8 2
IWM, 30 Long
IWM - 30min
Perhaps (v) of cir-iii of 3 is underway. Target region on chart unchanged from earlier ideas. Please remember observe the most important rule of Elliott Wave theory...never trade against a 3rd wave.
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO UNG, 240, 2 months ago
UNG: UNG - 4h
28 1 1
UNG, 240
UNG - 4h
Had a position during the heart of (iii) and let it go too soon. Gonna wait to see if wave 1 tops and we see a consolidation in cir-ii.
broughro broughro SPY, 120, Short , 2 months ago
SPY: Ending Diagonal at Primary Degree 5 Circle
73 0 5
SPY, 120 Short
Ending Diagonal at Primary Degree 5 Circle
Notice the black parallel lines containing this latest rise, 5 Circle Primary. Now notice the pink lines that actually mark the ends of i, ii, iii, and iv and notice that it is actually slightly narrower at the top than the black parallel lines. v appears to have ended shorter than iii as we can count a ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IWM, 120, Long , 2 months ago
IWM: IWM - 2hr
31 1 2
IWM, 120 Long
IWM - 2hr
Russell 2000 MACD has the look of a (iii) topping here. Price objective certainly met. Support shown for (iv), but price doesn't have to go that low. I'm long for a swing trade and don't plan to hop in-and-out in what might be a strong 3rd. Definitely not shorting this, but that's just my style.
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IWM, 60, Long , 2 months ago
IWM: IWM - 1hr
47 0 1
IWM, 60 Long
IWM - 1hr
We have arrived at my initial target for wave (iii) of cir-iii of 3. That was fast...and no reason it can't keep grinding higher from here. Pullback in wave (iv) should find support in prior resistance region. That support will move higher if price keeps grinding.
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IAG, 120, Long , 2 months ago
IAG: IAG - 2hr
17 0 1
IAG, 120 Long
IAG - 2hr
Looked like a solid reaction off the top of retrace support. I was a bit early here, but layered in small. Price made an initial 5-waves move up, but cir-ii is questionable and I haven't seen cir-iii of 1 forming like it should. Gonna give it more time.
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IWM, D, Long , 2 months ago
IWM: IWM - Daily
52 3 3
IWM, D Long
IWM - Daily
Small caps may not take much of a pause until IWM reaches high 130s (100% extension of 1-2). I think that'll be the target area for wave (iii) of cir-iii. Resistance has become support in this presumed 3rd wave off the Feb lows. Shorts keep piling in, fueling the rally it seems. I have an earlier idea posted ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO IWM, 120, Long , 2 months ago
IWM: IWM -2hr
35 0 1
IWM, 120 Long
IWM -2hr
Russell 2000 visited the top of resistance, slightly breaking over. IF this is the heart of the 3rd wave, I'm expecting RSI to become embedded and MACD to make an impressive push higher. May not be many pullbacks assuming this is the (iii) of cir-iii of 3. My target is ~144.95 for minute degree cir-iii, the ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO AG, 240, Long , 2 months ago
AG: AG - Daily
69 0 3
AG, 240 Long
AG - Daily
AG has unbelievable potential in this count. Wave III could go even higher, to the 161.8% extension, but I'll take even a 100% measured move to ~$97...
matt.sulli42 matt.sulli42 PRO BAC, D, Long , 2 months ago
BAC: Bank of America: Encouraging Elliot Wave Activity
61 0 2
BAC, D Long
Bank of America: Encouraging Elliot Wave Activity
Last Wave III is shorter than last wave I --> thus, wave 5 won't be same length as wave 1. But not only does it look like we have a buying opportunity before wave 5, higher lows have been suggesting potential future growth. Best, Matt
matt.sulli42 matt.sulli42 PRO CRC, 30, Short , 2 months ago
CRC: Why elliot wave could spell trouble for CRC
19 0 1
CRC, 30 Short
Why elliot wave could spell trouble for CRC
Buying CRC around 10.9- 11.3 has been a safe bet as of late (if you can afford the round lots, which I sure can't!). But this chart shows why the stock could go under 10.6 in the near future... (assuming wave iii= longest)
IgnatBorisenko IgnatBorisenko PRO MSFT, D, 3 months ago
MSFT: MICROSOFT - bulls going to move on
109 0 8
MICROSOFT - bulls going to move on
Wave of 5 is likely going to be continued, so I'm going to buy soon
Eboard10 Eboard10 HMY, 30, 3 months ago
HMY: HMY - Correction Nearing an End
25 0 2
HMY, 30
HMY - Correction Nearing an End
Harmony Gold is following the correction seen across the gold miners. I see two similar counts playing out over the next few weeks: Blue count: the whole wave C is an ending diagonal and we are currently in wave iv of the final move down. Red count: an alternative count would see us fall to lower lows beginning ...
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