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IMTL (Image Protect Inc. )

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Members ,

We're kicking off this fresh week of trading with an exciting subpenny alert with triple-digit gain potential.

Please turn your immediate attention to IMTL (Image Protect Inc. ).

As many of you know already, we love these low-float, subpenny picks, because even the slightest move in share price can result in monster gains for traders.

Our latest alert IMTL , is showing us all the signs of a company that could breakout for monster gains in a very short amount of time.

Last week, IMTL dropped huge news that we believe the market hasn't had a chance to react to yet.

The Company announced the official launch of the Company’s proprietary Fotofy Analytics Dashboard, a state-of-the-art interface allowing Image Rightsholders to easily upload, embed, and track user images on the Fotofy Image Marketplace platform, including impressions and ad revenues.
“This is the killer app that unlocks the power of Fotofy,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “The power of this platform is in the user’s hands now, and that means the power to upload images and watch them go viral across the web, track them as they are used and shared, and then open them up as an advertisement platform to drive revenues and monetize the image. There’s nothing like this out there.”
Management notes that the Fotofy Dashboard will allow Image Rightsholders to monitor and monetize their images, with capabilities including:
• Total Collected – How many of your images have been accessed for sharing
• Total Views – How many views they have garnered
• Total Impressions – How many impressions
• Total Embeds – How many times your images have been embedded on other sites
• Total Revenues – How much ad revenue you have earned
• Total Followers – How many followers you have gained on the Fotofy Platform
• Total Following – How many other image creators you are following as wellManagement has been excited by the pace of adoption and traction on the platform thus far, with thousands of unique images already uploaded in just the first few weeks since launch. However, the Company expects this pace to likely accelerate given the massive augmentation in functionality that comes with the launch of the Fotofy Dashboard, including the ability to track image use and ad revenues.
“This is how a personal image library becomes a business for the casual photographer, and how professional photographers and image creators can expand with no risk of infringement,” continued Mr. Goldman. “And image users end up with a giant repository of free high-quality images for use and sharing as a result. Everybody wins. The launch of this new functionality is a huge moment for Fotofy. This is how it really gets going. And the timing couldn’t be better.”
Excitement surrounding the launch and expansion of the Fotofy Image Marketplace and In-Image Digital Advertisement platform continues to grow at Image Protect, with Company executives pointing to recent market research (eMarketer) forecasting 2019 to be an all-time record in global digital ad spending, with total spending jumping 17.6% year-over-year to $333.25 billion, pushing digital ad spending up to account for roughly half of all global ad spending for the first time in history
This is the type of news that could send shares of this low-float, subpenny alert soaring in no time at all!
The Bullish Case for IMTL
This global leader in the end-to-end copyright infringement sector has/is:
• Just $474K worth of shares available for trading, so you can expect a huge move from it on tomorrow's anticipated jump in share volume .
• Operating in a rapidly growing image ad market expected by notable analysts to reach $400 Billion by 2025.
• Trading on a bottom'd out chart, near its 52-week low (Major Bounce Opportunity)
We don't think IMTL is going to be a subpenny stock for much longer.
In fact, if IMTL were to rally back to $0. 01 , traders would see gains of over +426%!
In our opinion, the upside for IMTL is just too good to ignore.
That being said,we ask that you start your research now, and consider building a position in IMTL tomorrow morning at 9:30AM EST!
About Image Protect Inc.
Image Protect Inc. (OTC: IMTL ) ( protects and monetizes creative works. By uniting technology with a team of copyright experts, they ensure that content providers preserve the value of their digital assets. Their web application monitors the global Internet to seek and collect evidence for illegally used visual content. Then their legal partners across North America, Europe, and Asia ensure their clients receive appropriate compensation for work used without valid license.
IMTL By the Numbers:
• 30 Media Agencies Onboard
• 300K Independent Photographers
• 4.5M Images Currently Monitored
• 20+ International IP Legal Partners
Revenue Model
• Subscription-based model for individual photographers
• End-to-end tracking and recovery model for individual photographers and large media agencies
• Subscription tracking only model for photo agencies ad brands
• Copyright registration model
IMTL is Ready to Change the Photo Industry with Fotofy
The evolution of Fotofy technology brings the Company to the threshold of an entirely new and disruptive approach to the Photo industry. IMTL will unveil the Industry’s only Image Market Place, where-in Users and Rightsholders get paid through a streamlined In-Image Marketing program. This uniquely positions management to further capitalize by moving into this rapidly growing market expected by notable analysts to reach $400 Billion by 2025.
In August the Company announced the official launch of their revolutionary new digital image marketplace and in-image advertising platform, (“Fotofy").
This is a one of a kind website in the Photo Image Space to offer revenue to Users, allow Free Image sharing, and creates a Superior Revenue model for Content creators, not to mention substantial revenue to the Company.
Fotofy is now live as of today as an online library of high-quality freely accessible images for use and sharing, as well as a branding and in-image advertising platform for digital image rightsholders.
Check it out at
Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect, commented, “We started this adventure last year when we realized there was a much better way to handle both digital image intellectual property rights and high-quality online image use and Photo sharing. Fotofy is that solution. It is a Photo-Sharing Platform that optimizes the experience for both image rightsholders and image consumers, and provides Image Protect with a superior business model through the network footprint thereby created, and the in-image advertising potential that lies within it.”
Fotofy is already home to such renowned photographers and content creators as and and web influencers are slated to come onboard in the coming weeks, further developing their online brands through the Fotofy Platform.
Fotofy grew out of the Company’s solution with the legacy approach to fighting copyright infringement for photographs on the Internet. What followed was a bold pivot: rather than tracking improper instances of sharing or using online images and attempting to extract damages, why not create a Platform that empowers both the image creators and publishers alike, while offering a new revenue model for all parties, thusly creating a win-win for all parties.
“Once we understood the enormous advantage of turning this problem upside down, we created the Fotofy technology to allow for the free sharing of beautiful images, which then offers a royalty payout through our In-Image ad revenue model, continued Mr. Goldman. “And the result is the perfect interface for users and creators that you see at”
Market Outlook:
CNBC Report Reveals Digital Ad Revenue Experienced 21.8% Boost in 2018, Eclipsing 2017 Revenues of $88.3 Billion
According to a report, digital ad growth has bolstered over $100 Billion from advertisers seeking massive audiences and targeting tech giants like Google and Facebook .
“The momentum behind this paradigm shift represents a tremendous opportunity for our Company, Rightsholders, and shareholders,” stated Matthew Goldman, Image Protect Co-CEO. “It’s not often when timing and opportunity meet simultaneously. In consideration of our launch in the industry, we firmly believe that the window of opportunity is now.” He concluded: “Standing on the threshold of a revolutionized industry, we view our growth potential to be considerably higher than we’ve ever experienced with the Copyright model.”
The new report states internet advertising revenues in the U.S. totaled $107.5 billion for full-year 2018 — the first time that figure has topped $100 billion. The report, commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau ( IAB ) and conducted by PwC , said revenue in 2018 was 21.8% higher than full-year 2017 revenue of $88.3 billion. That double-digit growth in internet advertising comes as TV advertising increased 1.4% and radio grew 1% from 2017 to 2018, according to the report. Meanwhile, newspaper advertising decreased 6.9% and magazine advertising fell 2.1% in 2018 year over year.
An in-depth research report released last month forecasted the global growth of the native advertising market to 2025. Analysis of overall digital ad spend growth, combined with native advertising trends per market, globally, has revealed that native advertising spend is expected to increase by 372% from 2020 to 2025.
This represents an increase in the native advertising market from $85.83Bn in 2020 to a total global value of $402Bn by 2025. Image Protect stands uniquely positioned to immerse itself into this growing Industry by way of its extensive experience in the Photo Industry.
The Bottom Line
As we stated above, we don't think IMTL is going to be a subpenny stock for much longer.
The Company is operating in a multi-billion dollar sector, and has a changing technology in Fotify

This could be one of your last chances to grab up shares for under a penny.
That being said, we ask that all members start their research on IMTL immediately, and consider building a position in this highly innovative company
*Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. The publishers of this report are not investment advisors and do not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This message is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. The publishers of this report have received compensation from a third party of USD $10,000 cash for a 2-day marketing contract for IMTL . Never make investment decisions based on anything the publisher of this report says. This message is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice

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