100x HODL OPPORTUNITY! Here's why:

Injective Protocol (INJ) is the FIRST fully decentralized cross-chain derivatives exchange protocol!

You could say we're a little late to enter this, yet we're also very early. In just 1 year the price has rocketed, however traders have been preaching the importance of INJ for weeks whilst waiting for an entry point. Right now is a fantastic entry point, as you can see the candles have been consolidating for SIX WEEKS+ along the support barrier, holding strong for the next pump.

The yellow S/R lines extend out to the end of Q1 2022 (March 31st), and just take a look at our potential highs here, absolutely rewarding! In terms of the 100x hodl opportunity, this comes into play later in 2022 as the number of holders increases due to the rise in price, awareness of the cross-chain derivatives (crypto + stocks etc), the smart contract promises from ETH delayed until 2023 and the rise of the NFT community.

Personally I entered INJ at $11.35, for transparency.

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