INTC, bullish and bearish scenario

NASDAQ:INTC   Intel Corporation
INTC is currently consolidating and is trading in a range on bigger time frames. We do not have clear direction of the trend, and i would not advise to take a trade until we cross the significant level.

LONG : i would enter long at 62 level with 1/3 of my position, because we have to be prepared of a fake breakout.
( 80% of all breakouts fail, they usually retest and move higher later). I would wait to retest and bounce back. I would than add at 63, 2/3 and wait what will happen at 64, because there could be a resistance. If we successfuly break it i would add 3/3 of my position and ride it to the upside until i see CLEAR reversal.

SHORT : i would short at 56. Volume does not to be big, because on the downside we do not necessarily need it big.
i would enter with 1/3 of my position - same reason : fake breakouts. And i would add at every whole number and look closely what will happen at half dollars ( at half dollars we usually create psychological support and resistance levels too ).
At 54 we could create strong support level . Watch closely for reversals ( candlesticks , volume )
If we cross it i would add to my position and ride it till i see a clear reversal signal.
Stop loss should be always 50 cents if you are risk tolerant, if not you can have a 20 cent stop loss.

INTC has a great fundamentals, wall street rates it as a very good tehnical and fundamental company and has a lot of potential in the future. So it is good for investment too.

I DO NOT recommend taking any of my trades because of the risk. I AM NOT a financial advisor and i AM NOT a institutional trader. This analysis is purely for entertainment only and it represents an idea what could happen with the stocks future.

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