IOST. 1D. Probable growth to the target $0.143- $0.154.

IOST has become quite a buzzword in recent weeks. All news and events around the Defi projects promise to be implemented in the 3rd quarter of 2020, that is, by 30.09.2020.
If these news and promises begin to be fulfilled, they can provoke a breakthrough of the level $0.00815 up to the zone $0.01395-0.01495 (we have seen more than once how coins can grow on the wave of hype around the Defi projects in the last six months).

However, there is also a fly in the ointment:
The developers have announced IOST Airdrop for $13 million to investors, in the new Pump coins of the future Defi project Pumpkin on 11.09.2020. However, later they apologized and postponed Airdrop and the launch of the project to 13.09.20, that is, tomorrow.

If the launch does not happen again, then investors may have doubts that will entail sales and, accordingly, the development of "Double top" model with targets below $0.0047 and $0.0034.

We treat this coin neutrally, since a strong information background can nullify any TA. Nevertheless, we recommend IOST investors keep a short 3-5% stop loss from the current price in order to fix profits in time or protect the deposit from losses.
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