IOTX/BTC Pair accumulating since Jan

IOTX is a solid project I have personally worked with, applied for grants with and wrote software for so I know this is a real project. It is based around creating a crypto for the internet of trusted things where it is possible to pay for things like energy metering and other internet enabled devices.

I am writing this on April fools day. You would have to be a fool not to invest in this project with is increasing with value against bitcoin which is itself already a massively increasing asset. If the trend continues then by the end of April we could be looking at 100 Sats per coin. This is from the low of 20 Sats in January up 400%. This market cycle we could see therefore the price get to 250 Sats per coin which would be a 150% increase compared to bitcoin .
Trade closed: target reached: Followed the correlation perfectly. Huge boost at the end. IOTX are talking about hockey stick growth now s with resistance and support level being flipped we could see expoential growth but certainly the trend line was correct and therefore will continue to hold.