IOTX Could Enter Top 40 RANK OF COINS 2023 🌠$0,10 FIRST TARGET

IOTX is currently ranked 117th on CoinMarketCap, and depending on our study, it could rise to the top 40. The Internet of Things is a major trend that is set to revolutionize the world in the same way as Artificial Intelligence. IOT can become with time very important, and IOTX plays a big role in its development.

TA technical analysis
We know IOTX as a coin that has unexpected increases as we saw before, and it's a coin that can go against the trend of BTC.
Last time, we observed a trend in IOTX that seems to indicate an increase. Technical analysis of IOTX is also suggesting further growth.

The Internet of Things can play a crucial role in the future, especially when combined with what IOTX is currently developing and will continue to develop in the future.

Expecting Targets

Depending on our algorithmic trading including the trend and volume study we expect that IOTX is able to break the coming time to $0,10 as an important target.

The big question and that's also the reason for this update, is whether IOTX going to show a huge increase that we did not see before since the last developments. and when we say higher increase we mean a NEW ATH?

We make our trading decisions based on the data and analysis we have done, and our analysis shows a high chance of success, we expect that IOTX may rank in the top 40 and reach a new all time high.

Right now, our focus is on reaching the $0.10 target, We have seen the full effects of 2017 and 2021 on coins, IOTX may be one of the coins that could show a significant increase in the coming time.

I hope you did enjoy reading this content, thank you for reading.
We expect that this coin will show an unexpected breakout coming time.
Small time frames.

on side of the volume, we see that exchange COINBASE transactions for IOTX going higher.

COINBASE was before also a reason for more increases.
This views we add is not about day trading, it's a hodl view for the coming time
The same as we did predict on OCEAN since $0,15, it's only about the patient, and we could see the coming time the breakout we expect to happen, we follow our study depending on what the trend shows.

IOTX is a coin that shows the unexpected, and for this reason, we have added it as a very important coin for the coming time.
MachineFi has the potential to revolutionize the future as the world becomes increasingly digital. We have already seen a shift towards digitalization in industries such as supermarkets and with the increasing number of IoT connections, more companies will follow suit. Self-driving cars are on the horizon and IoT will play a crucial role in making them a reality. AI also relies on IoT systems to function at its full potential. For this reason and other reasons, we expect that IOTX is the best coin for IoT in the cryptocurrency market.
Since we did read the previous data including the whale connecting transactions.
The expected target of 0,10 already happens before in just around 2 days
We are now again at the same point, and exactly the same whale zone.

There is a high chance we are going to break out again to $0,10
When there is a day trading low volume means nothing about what is going to come.

This is not a day trading coin but based on the whale increase that this coin can have coming time. When it will break out, we expect it will go for it.
Even companies like Samsung are starting to invest in the Internet of Things in 2023.
waiting for new data to see any new confirmation, as expecting coming time a whale breakout on IOTX.
After the 13H update, IOTX is still interesting, and as we did add before this coin is able to make an unexpected breakout coming time.
IoT technology can be used to improve the safety and security of cars. For example, cars could be equipped with sensors that detect when a driver is becoming drowsy and alert them to take a break.

Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication: IoT-enabled cars can communicate with other cars and with infrastructure such as traffic lights, allowing for improved traffic flow and reduced congestion.

We expect that IOTX will play huge on Vehicle-infrastructure communication
The first expected target is $0,10
We have seen before that IOTX was able to break out from $0,02 to $0,10 in just 2 days.

As we did say before depending on our study this coin has high interest for a breakout.
IOTX rank changed from 117 to 111.
After 14H.
on ITOX we don't focus on day trading, but on the whale breakout that can come.
we have seen 2 times before the breakout that did up 300%, and there are the same signals that a new breakout could happen coming time.

The same as we did expect before on OCEAN, and Ocean did increase from the start update from $0,15 to above $0,30 - this update is similar to the ocean update that focuses on the breakout.


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