IOTX 3D Attention! Ideal point to drain your deposit

Today we'll talk about the sensational IoTeX project in recent days. IOTXUSDT price made in less than 4 days +600%.

Such a rapid rise in price was caused by a combination of two news:
1) launch of uTrade v2, a decentralized trading platform with automated market marketing ( AMM )
2) listing IOTXUSD on Coinbase PRO
If we missed some important news about IoTeX, or do not know what we are talking about at all, then please correct us in the comments.

But if you look at the graph of the IOTXUSDT pair globally (on coinmarketcap, for example), we will see that the coin for 3 years from 2018 to 2021 was lying around, no one needed, without the slightest signs of life.

Of course, we can assume that the team was actively working, and investors were accumulating it all this time, and only from 2021 the implementation of 3 annual plans began.

But it can also be assumed that now there is a banal manipulation and pump.

We are not hinting at anything, we are not trading the coin, but looking at the IOTXUSD chart, we see that the price hit the upper border of the channel and a rollback began.
Be careful, because the rollback may take longer, and the price of IOTX itself can fall at best to $0.50, and at worst to $0.35
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Trade closed: target reached

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