iPIC hits ALL TIME BOTTOM: $0.80; (LONG) entry WILL yield ROI

  • Now as for my explanation:

This is def. a LONG position as I've made several entries off $IPIC in the past -- each time at a lower low & each time yielding positive results.

My little brother works at iPic: so I've taken a particular interest in this 'shitstock' as I was told by my brother, who attended a mandatory meeting with corporate present...that iPic (unbeknownst to many) is owned by AMC .

Another thing that's unique about this particular franchise is that if they are "too big to fail" or rather "too grandiose to fail" much like the F-22 Raptor that's been in development forever and will never be finished due to greed form lockheed/ boeing using DOD tax dollars to take advantage of loopholes in the R&D of the aircraft, though I digress.

Now normally I wouldn't touch a stock like this with a 10-foot poll; my bro told me something interesting at that mandatory meeting. When they have a bad quarter, the other regional branches (and even AMC theaters as well) pool their money together and pay a tax to pick up the slack on the branch he works at -- located right next to GW bridge.

This is interesting for three specific reasons:

1) it means that corporate has sunk too much money into this luxury movie theater that celebrities often frequent -- and it's been a liability ever since.2) astonishingly however; they are resillient. Each time they reached a lower low they didn't bounce back because of a consolidation from forex traders but due to a complete scorched earth policy (firing everyone -- except my brother because he's been there since day 1) and re-hiring / re-training, lowering costs, listening to complaints of customers/staff/board members , offering more bonus incentives...the list goes on. So its this resillience that makes me have a vested stake/interest in iPic; which not 1 year ago was trading at $12-15 avg . per share, around Q4 it was $8.50 and then the latest low was $5.00 range. I've never seen it below $3.00. 3) They know what to do, they just won't do it. LOWER THEIR PRICES!! nobody is trying to pay $30 for a movie, then $50 for popcorn/soda/a bite with it. Luxury theater or no, its still a movie in an era where streaming services are king.

So why am I confident this will consolidate?

Well for one; the volume accumulation on 1D chart reveals it will be a slow-motion bounce, yet a bounce nonetheless and secondly....its below $1.00 FFS.

This thing will get back to the $5-10 range as it has time and time again and it could be months but the fact of the matter remains, if you're patient, this is a profitable entry.

iPic's future is without question volatile -- and with a struggling economy, I don't think AMC will bailout iPIc as it has many times in the past (when it could afford to with NASDAQ reaching 4x ATH in > 2 Qs ) but I will keep you all posted and we shall see. Even if it doesn't consolidate fully; TP @ $1.81 and you're still getting 250% ROI .

Peace & Love. Set your stop-loss (though unlikely) better safe than sorry!