IRBT - Wow the month chart - scary but hides a secret

NASDAQ:IRBT   iRobot Corporation
So I love the company "IROBOT" symbol IRBT . They have incredible Revenues and Profits. They have the coolest toys to clean your home and more. On this post with so many earnings they have only missed -----7----- times. Holly crap why does the chart look like a damn roller coaster at Six Flags then? Most all of those misses were not in the past 10 years. For one thing in this month chart as they were recovering from the last drop they were beat down by the covid slaughter and have recovered nicely. I think to myself are we at the top and are we going to see another dip in 2-4 months. By the month chart it damn sure looks that way....? Well if you take out the covid drop it does not look so bad. They have had a gradual rise over the years and currently have a low p/e ratio of 25. This is great!! They should be much higher than where they are because of their profitability and positive outlook.

My thought is that this stock it not reaching the top, but that it is just starting off and has been under the radar for a long time. I am Long, but cautious.