Iron Mountain (IRM) ..... A Short Term Peak ??

Steve666 Updated   
NYSE:IRM   Iron Mountain Incorporated (Delaware)
Iron Mountain (IRM) has had a 35% run in 35 days.

I have indicated a Wolfe Wave formation which projects a $48 target in early May.

Overlay this with a Harmonic Crab Pattern which is the basis of forming.

(For purists this developing Crab pattern may not meet their more exacting criteria.)

Additionally the indicator in the bottom panel suggests a forming top and needs to roll over.

Nevertheless I would suggest that around the $59 area if archived, may be a good place to extinguish existing positions or even short.

If this doesn't happen then drive on to another situation ,,, never chase.

That's what I will be watching for to take action on.

I will update this as warranted.

Not investment advice, do your own diligence and respect broad markets and World events.

Good Luck

An update Not yet...

Still not ready....

An update... surprised with its strength