Market Pullback in Coming, Be Careful!

TVC:IXIC   NASDAQ Composite Index
If any of you guys have seen my last post about the NASDAQ, I showed a couple retractments I thought should make us all very weary. Well, I'm here to share another interesting piece.

It's obvious the normal graph of the NASDAQ has no long term support or resistance. It's impossible, too much compounding going on. However, using the log feature in order to limit compounding, We see a BEAUTIFUL channel that has formed within the NASDAQ.

This has nothing to do with Trump or Taxes, this was a 100% EXPECTED move. However, it is obvious the move has run it's course for now. Obviously the channel is still up, so like I said in my original post, we're still in a bullish market. Expect a pullback though, and use this to help optimize profits.

Speaking of which, $AAPL earnings failure will help confirm this top, and I think by now the news obviously points to an earnings failure.

Optimize and be smart!!!!


How to optimize for a huge pullback?
@sebx, lower your long exposure, add some hedging positions (maybe like an inverse ETF). This should help lower your beta and keep your portfolio relatively stable and maybe even profitable in uncertain or negative times