JASMY Could Be Headed to 11 Cents Within Hours!

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):
  • New Alt Coin Added to Coinbase on Oct. 7th
  • BTC Dominance is faltering, indicating ALT coin season to begin
  • JASMY showing bullish indications
  • Target of 11 cents
Not long after I posted this video, JASMY began to break to the upside as predicted. We are on our way to the 11 cents target. Don't forget to take profits along the way. I am not always 100% right. So, take your profits and provide yourself with a good margin of error.

Best of luck traders!
Congratulations to all who followed me in this trade. We've now reached our previous high. But remember, our final target here is actually 11 cents. At this point, if you are a smart trader, you have taken profits off of the top along the way. Only a small amount should still be invested till we reach the final target.

Best of luck traders!
Trade closed: target reached: Target hit and exceeded! Congratulations traders who followed me!

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