V Bottom Earnings 12-17 BMO

NYSE:JBL   Jabil Inc
Looks like a V bottom with a very slow advance back to the up side..

Trading close to earnings can be risky. A stock can beat expectations and still go down as we have witnessed as of late. I guess it just depends on what Mr. Market's mood is that day (o:

Possible T2 (long term so focus is on targets 1) 77.9 to 85

Possible stop below 30.9.

NV is high as is OBV. There are no significant rising wedges noted in the yearly chart..

A V bottom pattern consists of several consolidation candlesticks that form a v pattern. This pattern looks like the cup and handle pattern without the handle. And the shape is a V instead of a U. There is also a V Cup pattern which does have a handle. This stock appears to have had a period of consolidation and formed a make-shift handle.

The stock market is a war between buyers (bulls) and sellers (bears). The V shows that tug of war. The bears are in control causing the stock to fall. Once it hits support the bulls come in and drive the price back up forming a V.

Not a recommendation/just an observation

Markets are never wrong. Opinions often are, yet everybody has one (o: