JD vs BABA . Is BABA "Cheap" now ?

Though not in any of these names , I have been watching JD and BABA lately and It seems like JD is the better buy of the two . I think that both names have good potential to produce a profit for the long trader and I have no plans to trade this as a beta hedge but I think it really shows us who is boss, as of late, in the chinese e-commerce market . Especially evident when comparing the charts of each too . BABA is in a confirmed downtrend and put in lower lows while JD formed more of a range .

Also, JD is the up and coming and coming stock of the two and I see more potential for JD to be a super performer in the coming years of the two .

Once again, no plans to beta hedge this but I think I will watch JD for long opportunities and I am betting that JD continues to outperform BABA.

For my style I will wait for JD to break into new highs to get active but I do like the company very much at this point .