JETS ETF Bullish inclined Naked Puts 10 Sep Expiry (Sep Track 2)

AMEX:JETS   U.S. Global Jets ETF
This is the first month I'm breaking up my trades into 2 tracks to spread risk and provide myself with more room to navigate depending on the market situation.

I'm back bullish in JETS as it seems like the US is taking the virus in it's stride, even with Delta cases rising fast. Any virus precautions and restrictions while limiting are not new to business owners or consumers. Leisure and hospitality as an industry is opening up fast, Increasing pay and benefits to lure people back.

As more people get vaccinated and business returns, I think we should experience a jolt of green in this sector.

  • Sold 250 Puts @ 0.21 Strike 20
  • % to Strike is 13% from entry
  • ATR percentile is a high so I think we are at a pretty decent price
  • Rising RSI , tied to an uptrend of lower highs

Total BP Block: 50K
Trade closed: target reached