Heart marks the spot! KEY/ETH jump?Gann ? #eth #crypto #selfkey

BINANCE:KEYETH   Selfkey / Ethereum
KEY?ETH daily chart is still consolidating under a red Ichimoku cloud - and already hit a TD Sequential 9 in red so I'm expecting some upside . Can you see where the red heart is ? That's the next line up on the Gann Fan and if this consolidates and break up I could expect we are at least going to 650 . If we Kumo Twist it's possible we wick up to the next Gann Fan line around 1800 ! This could easily go 400% by end of year if this chart plays out ! Let's see what happens . Also - the first Gann Fan line around 650 is quite near a .786 fib on this chart . This should plat out eventually .
Comment: As expected ! KEY jumped up and is at 642 now ! I called it to at least 650 when it was 483 so that's pretty close ! And honestly it could even wick up to 830 or higher but let's see if there is continuation on higher timeframe . Seems to be playing out on that Gann Fan though .


Nice call, also made this play and was a perfect execution
@CraigMoss, thank you Craig - I've got alerts set on KEY for when it eventually goes down but that could take some time
Nailed it!
@ste-vo, Thank you Sir !