KEY/ETH battle continue to 10x

BINANCE:KEYETH   Selfkey / Ethereum
Another confirmation matching the previous post about KEY projected target
#enough said here, enjoy the ride.

#all in the chart

Yes confidence level 99%
The only reason I did not say 100% is because of some fools know nothing about my charts and so they do not cry, "nothing 100%". Ok we will see.


*I will only stop saying 99% confidence level, once one chart at least let me down.
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I see that it’s a bit ‘pumpy’ like the other very big green candles with the outliers. I already set sell order at x5 (unfortunately the max) on binance for now in case I miss it.
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It was great. I took advantage of this position.
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NaS_ALmutairi IrtNajari
@IrtNajari, That makes me happy ^_^ knowing people earning from this. <3
Ont on the way up too
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They hate us cus they ain't us 👈😎👈
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NaS_ALmutairi Bizanacci
@Bizanacci, ^_^ love it
Hi Nas, is Key likely to trace back to the yellow line, around the 250sat price and then d the pump, or its already enroute to the Moon, as per your plot? Cheers from a novice trader following closely your predictions... :)
you said sky is the limit is a proverb or dont hold them and when see target just sell it ?
thank you man . we love u ♥
NaS_ALmutairi alirezaes20
@alirezaes20, Sell once it reaches the sky ^_^ targets of sell orders are shared. You are welcome, thanks for your comment <3.

In each target, there is a 30-40% drop.
alirezaes20 NaS_ALmutairi
@NaS_ALmutairi, always be great and happy
I hope you the best ♥ ♥ ♥
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