Malaysian MCO 3.0 effect.

INDEX:KLSE   Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index
Due to Malaysia have decide to run back a total lock down, only some economy areas are open to support sustain the economy. But the inflation and other demands are insisting the economy to fall back in the bearish trend .
Luckily the Malaysian government have make an exit recovery plan, and perhaps all it will work soon.. or the economy impact will be in the bad shape.

When the economy in the bad shape, the recovery will be hard and more difficult to rise back. In the 6 month ahead is the critical economy pull back, And the government must stick to all the plans that have been made to bring back the economy in the psychological area. There still have supports down, but it will be a hard to bounce back when already below the market price.

All the stock market will also impact hard during this session, buying a stock this year is not really worth.

All the best for all Malaysian, and investors..

Be safe, stay at home..