Kyber Network Legacy Crystal - [Lifetime Triangle] STLFRP

This triangle pattern which has a hidden gigantic cup & handle inside of it has been developing since the infamous 2017 Alt Coin Rally.

$KNC is the most honest brand in cryptocurrency today.

2021 Included mentions via St Luis Federal Reserve + Hand selected as a top tier leader in the Defi space by 3 Arrows Capital.

This is what transparency looks like.

* Price target shown pending possible breakout to the upside.
Comment: KNC v2 "Legacy Crystal" migration is going as smooth as digitally possible! {see Binance US price action ;)}

Soon Coinbase will be converting as well.... Make sure to stock up for the big show.
Comment: This is a business.... And Kyber Network is a perfect representation. Bullish weekly recovery and one of the best performing overall assets since the "dip".
Comment: The trend is your friend and Kyber is very friendly these days. KATANA is close....
Comment: sit back and enjoy the ride.... Looks like we are taking the scenic route.
Comment: she will not give up easily..... And the reward will be grand... Look at lower support levels on triangle for bounce. This is our last chance.
Comment: you can count on KNC when you need too.... Respected lower tri supports and is now beginning another leg up.
Comment: what more can I say about KNC.... She is the last of its kind.... For those of you like us still stuck in the Legacy version of this coin {coinbase} you are a strong, strong hand and on behalf of WEDC we commend you. Don't think for one second you will not be rewarded, Katana is near........
Comment: This thing is heavier than any other token in the market, hands down.
Comment: She really beats to her own drum. Triangle still in play.