KODK popped 3 other times off the same exact AlgoKeyCode....

NYSE:KODK   Eastman Kodak Company
KODK has one of the most unique price actions I have seen where it repeats this falling wedge and jumps back up to the top of its pattern which in most cases is about double. This happens almost every two months on the nose....so why not one more time. We have the falling wedge . There is a break out. There is also support found already after the break out. Now we need to see if there is a draw back to the base before launching or the stop midway and take off from there. I noticed when looking at the other breakouts, that the ones that looked like the trend line was falling down it would go to the bottom of the wedges low before bouncing out. However, the ones that looked like its trend line was moving up going out of the key code, they stopped midway and took off from there. Which is where we are right now with an ascending trend line .

by iCantw84it