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Kroger is a national supermarket chain with multiple departments as it needs to compete with more prominent players who have moved into the grocery home delivery business. The competition includes Amazon and Walmart over the last few years. To stay ahead, Kroger has implemented innovative delivery and promotional working strategies that appear to be working. Also, since 2022 Kroger has established a floor price that could enable it to get a hefty return over the next few years. Home food delivery is something to consider as we move into an uncertain economic time. KR will be a classic defensive stock to hold.

Innovating marketing includes delivery and coupon strategies. It seems that this grocery chain is set up for almost guaranteed long-term success.

Since 2022, Kroger has beaten the market estimates consistently, unlike other stocks. Moreover, a floor in the stock price was established at the beginning of last year.

Kroger has overwhelmingly institutional market analyst support for recommended buys.

Red arrow shows SMA for new entry potential

Current Metric Data Catalyst Shows Outperformance In Sector

Over the last few weeks, Kroger has returned 6% in the previous 20 working days, with 3% in the last 50 working days. As I like to only trade stocks with a relatively low volatile rate of under 0.4, Kroger is lately at 0.31, which is within my tolerance. However, as we all know, potential entry is based on timing. As it seems, the Aroon Up signal is showing a 100 rating, whereas the Aroon Down is 57. So if one waits until the Aroon Down signal is closer to 0, it is an excellent time to dip into Kroger.

When one looks at a consensus of institutional market recommendations for upgrades, one will see it is vastly overwhelmed with 16 buys, six holds, and one sell. Once again, this helps overlay a buying condition for Kroger.

Considering 2022 was a relatively weak and challenging year, Kroger has proven to exceed the estimated earnings of last year, including its latest quarter. So it is clear that momentum has been underway for a while and should continue over the long run.

Valuation Continues to Build With Delivery Strategy

Over the long run, Kroger has built a market strategy using data and innovation to help customers save $1.4 billion. Kroger has pioneered a personal approach for its customers to allow them to make better choices in the food product they buy, which is accomplished by offering various coupon strategies. The latest survey hinted that 80% of shoppers preferred this way. As long as Kroger implements these strategies, it can stay ahead of the market to sustain its stock price momentum over the long run. It also helps Kroger be an intelligent choice for investing in over the long run as we move into a potential recession. Everyone needs to buy food regardless of economic conditions.

Kroger Refines Data Capabilities as Grocers Personalize |

It is also important to note that customers in fast-growing cities like Austin, Texas, want to ensure that product freshness is of high-quality standards. A new store in Austin was tested using this strategy which is becoming the future for Kroger. In addition, the shipment of these products, which professional associates deliver, helps implement higher customer satisfaction, which builds loyalty as we move into a recession. This also helps expand Kroger's customer base as competition may get fierce.

Also, Kroger has opened a Dallas facility linked to this Austin store. All ordered products will be put on refrigerated delivery trucks, then delivered to customers' front doors.

Once customers are satisfied with innovative distribution ideas, Kroger can roll this out to larger city centers and stay ahead of the competition. This will help Kroger find new key growth drivers, which will help drive digital sales by 12% in the fourth quarter of 2022. There was also a growth of 22% in their no-contact delivery solutions. As a result, Kroger builds revenue and generates new profitability overall in delivery solutions.

Kroger (KR) Expands Delivery Capabilities, Efforts on Track - March 31, 2023 -

Harmonic Upper target Reveals Profitable Target

Based on the upper target of the most recent harmonic scan, Kroger may have a relatively high upper target of $65 based on stock pricing data over the last three years. The current price of nearly $50 represents a decent opportunity for long-term investment returns. Its base of just over $40 has been established for the last year. As positive market momentum continues, this target should be closely met over the next year. As mentioned, Kroger maybe be an outstanding defensive stock as we move into a recession.

Harmonic scan (Custom platform)

Lower Risk is Minimal As Compared To Long-Term Momentum

As Kroger proved its outperformance in an inferior market in 2022, this stock should be a classic defensive investment over the long run—the only risk to prevent that from happening are unfavorable economic conditions or more innovative competitors. Even if economic conditions were to go into a downturn, it is critical to understand that Kroger has implemented various strategies to deliver food to its customers conveniently. Even if another pandemic was to evolve, Kroger has implemented an intelligent no-contact delivery process right to customers' homes. There seem to be very few restrictions that could hold back Kroger's long-term success.

Conclusion Is That KR Could Outperform Most Stocks

With proven positive trends for Kroger over the last year, KR is almost guaranteed to increase its value and stock price. It has also implemented an intelligent delivery strategy with promotional coupon techniques to meet any economic condition; I see no real reason why Kroger should not be successful. As a result, I put this stock as a buy right along with other institutional analysts.

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