KUSAMA COMEBACK: new ATH is coming!

KUSAMA recently had a very strong rally (check my last update) but was overextended very quickly and as said almost fell off my chart.
Now we just came out of a 26% correction and consolidation and we saw strong support coming and quickly pushing KSM out of the traingle.
Currently KSM is retesting support to blast off potentially to a new ATH against BTC but at the very least a new 15-25% pump!
You might wonder why KSM is so volatile? This is because KSM is very scarce 10m tokens max supply, mostly in wallets of blockchain projects that will/want to use KSM's parachains.
The token is meant for governance and thus very important for future Kusama "clients" to hodl and have influence over the direction of the project.

Like I said in my last update; KSM is governance gold and the price will easily pass 1000$ this year but I expect much more than that.
One the parachain auctions start and projects win a parachain, more demand for KSM will arrive for future governance of the Kusama ecosystem.

(check the links below or my profile for more bullish alts)

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest at your own risk and research.
Comment: KSM: time to buy, short retracement and starting a new pump later today.
Comment: KSM BREAKOUT is starting now, jump on if you like! :) Still very undervalued project with only 4,2bn market cap, guys this is basically Polkadot with all innovations. What on earth is KSM doing on spot 34 in the list behind crap like TRON, BCH, DOGE etc etc... I will tell you these coins will be pushed out of the top spots by great projects like Kusama.