KSM 1D We see increased interest, where is it worth buying?

The Kusama project was created to test other projects before launching on the Polkadot blockchain
A good period in the crypto market allowed the price of KSMUSDT to grow from $25 to $625 in just six months.

In the May fall, the price of KSMUSD fell by -75% from the maximum, which hurts.
But a positive fact is that the KSM token was bought up at large volumes, and now trading is taking place at increased volumes - this is a sign of interest.

Now watch out for critical levels:
It will be possible to think about updating the maximum if the price of KSMUSDT can gain a foothold above $470
At the bottom, the levels are important: $300 and $195, it is from them that you can try to gain long-term long positions.
If buyers' interest disappears, and the price of KSM drops below $195, then the fall in the value of KSMUSD may continue to the zone of $80-120, where in January there was a trade before the growth
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Trade active: Price dropped to 300$

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