NASDAQ:LGHL   Lion Group Holding Ltd
Still a beginner at reading charts. Was looking through a scanner for reddit stock rankings, and found this ticker with a score under 300 (referenced by someone who says this score range is more likely to profit than a higher rank.. Possibly at a strong support at the moment, so it can bounce up or trade sideways (since CCI indicator hasn't passed +50 threshold). In exception for the CCI indicator, the MACD and RSI has both signaled a reversal. The consolidation of the price action at this possible support is pretty good evidence that we'll be seeing a bounce. My safe entry point should be 2.6 to confirm a higher valuation. The ride should be a few days. Planning exit mid $3s.
Comment: Chose this ticker due to the 37% increase of score in the scanner, avg karma is 214, but the amount of sentences were mentions were low.
Comment: Got a new phone, was too lazy to log into RH on computer, saw the bounce to ~$2.70 a day ago. All 3 signals were "green" for me, saw a little slow down on momentum, went down to $2.66, and so I bought in just now.