LIGHT - Bullish trend retesting exponential growth curve

Hi guys, here's a small update on LIGHT ( AKA Philips Lightning).
As we can see the bullish trend is now retesting the exponential growth curve that started around 15th may, this is where the recovery from COVID-19 started.
Since we don't have a resistance layer there, things might turn out positive for us. But we can't be too naïve and therefore not calculate any risk for that matter.
Comment: After the 5th elliot wave you see we went down to the exponential curve to retest the growing stocks, which could mean a correction wave is coming up (elliot wave ABC).

3m timeframe:
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Comment: The retest on the 15m chart:
Comment: Correction wave started a little later than expected.

Correction wave
Expectation: june 3rd 16:00 (UTC+2)
Result: june 8th 12:00 (UTC+2)

I'm expecting this drop can go as low as point (A), moving down to 20.4.