The bet is still LINK over ETH and BTC

BINANCE:LINKETH   ChainLink / Ethereum
As my brother said it, Link is a honeybadger right now that don't give a rip about fud, about other coins, about bear raids. Chainlink is just going to wreck everything and so you might be worried about being late to the party. I don't think you could be late because this still has decades of gains to put up.

As is continues to emasculate all other coins we (mostly you) still need to make sure we are not getting blown out when this thing retraces or consolidates with poorly timed or sized margined longs as you FOMO in over perceived missed gains. The main chart is what I am going to refer to in future as the Chainlink Pattern. Not that it isn't seen in a lot of assets but because it has been very useful here. It is basically like looking at a Bump and run bottom reversal but from a different angle. If you want to look at Bump and Run formations from the standard angle, look here:

The chart explains itself mostly and the ideas are just applying fundamental charting to a specific pattern. There is a sharply rising trendline that is basically a ramp that price action gets a springing start to BASE jump. My linked (heh) ideas will show how I used the bollinger bands to find the bottom here and chose link over other top coins for my hodl and my margin trades.

The main chart is on linketh , but we also see this fractal has begun to form on Linkbtc . I expect this will work much the same way as it has on ETH.

My personal plan is to hold link and keep my link margin positions open as long as I can. I will be adding to my positions on any pull backs.

This chart is a rough mock up but with something has historically bullish as link against btc and eth it has been historically a great idea to buy dips and hold. Most people have no business timing the market but Bollingerbands do help. The chart below shows link on the daily and linkbtc and linketh on the weekly. During links downtrend a lot of damage to price actoin occurs when price action of linketh and linkbtc is against the bollinger band lower limit is great time to buy or pivot holdings into chainlink. Sometimes the baseline of the bollinger bands against btc and eth provide support. There should be little to no denying that link continues to trend up.

I would like to make some dramatic announcement that soon link will never return to these levels against BTC and ETH but we might have to reconsolidate and test this zone as support sometime in future. Hopefully we will retest the top of the zone as support and not some double bottom , but the market gives us as the market gives us.
Comment: The fractal has played out so far on BTC by having link reach the upward slopping trendline and facing resistance. Should this fractal continue we should expect the price action should consolidate and then punch through and test this as support for a while.

LinkETH appears to be roughly at the blue arrow and it will take longer for this to shake out bullish but overall I am happy to have my crypto investments mostly biased towards Link.