STOP Chasing (Do This Instead)

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Okay okay let's see here, it's a common mistake yet I see it all the time.

You keep chasing the damn top..


It's so strange and c'mon dont lie you know you have made that mistake in the past (or today).

And yes I'll be honest I have also made this mistake many times in the past but i'm telling you STOP you need to take control of this emotional spasm right now.

FOMO, chasing, whatever you want to call it (doesn't really matter) will cause so much distress for you if you keep pushing on that wall.

So check out this chart of link.

I've put down what I think will happen over the next couple of weeks, will it happen? No idea and I dont care (but that is a story for another time).

Again look at the chart, am I chasing the top?...

...or am I entering on a pullback?

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too early, can't say at the moment short or long...