Chainlink looking very bullish!

Link has performed very well after the "bottom" a couple days ago, we are sitting right on the 0.6 Fib level and aswell moved above the 200 day MA! Tonight will be a big close for link i would really like to see us hold this 0.6 Fib and 200 day MA, then i think we got a good chance of moving higher, but right not everything is riding on BTC with the market generally following Bitcoins moves. We found some down slopping support on the RSI and now we're seeing a little bit of a come down right around the oversold area. We gotta see a move up above the 50. point on the RSI to get that confirmed uptrend! Zero Lag MACD looks very bullish with our red lead flying upwards with our blue and orange flipping very recently to bullish , we want to see our Blue MA stay ontop of the orange and start to spread out to really start seeing some bullish momentum!! Not financial advice just my opinion!


Very nice work. I 100% agree. It’s also forming an inverted H&S. 🚀🚀🚀
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Thank you very much! I see that awesome!! Link is definitely one of my favourite projecta