Preparing for Big Chainlink Trade

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Time is coming , we are approaching October 2022 and when October comes and this 3.618 Time Fib hits we are going to get a candle breaking us out of this triangle.

It is in fact Chain link time fib count on the LINK/BTC dominance that started to unlock this powerful fib time sequence for Bitcoin and link itself check it out below.

It is still a 100% win rate fib count to this date , yes 100% check it out , last count did not act as pump but showed us a LINK bottom.

Come October we will get a breakout of the Dominance I expect .

Chain Link Fib Count

.0618 - This date is important because it's when Link hit 20 dollars for the first time, it was an important level to hit that resulted in over 140days of consolidation.

1.618 -All time high , yes this fib count lands right up there .

2.618 - This was a major pivot point down for the link which confirmed the bear market because it created its first lower low on the weekly.

3.618- First week of October 2022 , this could be the week Link starts increasing in momentum.

I go over this in more detail in the TA below .

Not only do we have this insane Fib count for Chain Link but if you check the TA below and press play you will see something amazing unfold.

The game plan is as follows , stock up on x3 leveraged tokens on FTX exchange ,they are one of the few that offer LINK tokens x3 , we ride it up to 24-30 dollars from October 2022 to February 2023 , no funding rate fees, no liquidation number to think about just sit back and let it ride.

I have a lot of confidence trading Link fib time sequences so we going big on this one no holding back.
Soon start stacking
USDT in a rising wedge soon!
unfolding as predicted
Rising wedge has broken , everytime rising wedge has broken from this area it has been the start of a rally
The stage is being set this week
Big week incoming !
These Fib dates are not meant to be big pumps , sometimes they are sometimes there not . What they are is pivot in momentum it might not seem like it now but looking back 3weeks from now you will see it , take a look at there other two times for example , it was not until the next 1 or 2 weekly candles till we get follow through
Lets not forget where we are in the Bitcoin cycle , the ribbons are about to flip green for the first time since cycle bottom .
This doesn't look good we need to close above 7.2 by Sunday night for the weekly close for this fib pivot to act as a move to the upside ,we close under this channel things are going to get ugly

Nothing to worry about just yet , will wait and see how the weekly closes
Daily still on lower highs
You all ready? , bring your cards to the table or drown in disbelief.
Volatility incoming
a close above these lines , will confirm this entire TA the weekly that is
New TA update!

Back in channel for now

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Join us for the final Chainlink run!

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