LINKUSD: Potential $242 to $305 By Q1 of 2022 for Buying Climax

BINANCE:LINKUSD   ChainLink / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi Everyone! We covered the MACRO Group, Long Term Group, Mid Term Group, Near Term Group, Short Term Group and briefly the Immediate Group of time frames. LINKUSD appears to be setting up quite nicely for a long term bull trend to resume. Which is to say, "We are setting up nicely to make this a stepping stone to higher highs in Phase E of our Long Term Accumulation Schematic.

This publication is labeled a LONG position for what we see in the Near Term Group and higher groups of time frames.

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A few "re-arrangements" on this Long Term Accumulation Schematic.
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If you need "Abbreviation Definitions."

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