$LINK: Pitchfork call was right... so far.

BINANCE:LINKUSD   ChainLink / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Just checking in on $LINK after that wicked dump. We've seen it before and if we copy that bars pattern and compare it to current PA? We see that the test and bounce is usually followed by some consolidation before it's able to get enough momentum to fight back up above that median. If it does follow this fractal perfectly? (which it won't) The full parabola would align with an end of summer pump as crypto did in years past too. Generally end of year has been when things get absolutely nuts. We'll see if that happens!

- On the bounce and coming retest, i'd love to see that previous ATH of 19.50 hold?
- $LINK is and has always been extremely bullish fundamentally. We're buying more spot here and DCA'ing into growing our position at these prices for sure.
- Called the pitchfork bounce last week, we could honestly even see 10 dollars and still be maintaining our bullish macro structure.

Again... Everyone that I talk to about $LINK I strongly recommend buying small amounts consistently over time. Timing the market tops and bottoms is for fools. I firmly believe in the future of $LINK and the #Chainlink network. Everything in the world that uses smart contracts will be using and relying on this technology and everyone has to pay to participate. Corporations need to Buy, Hold, and Spend $LINK. Us small investors will benefit from this demand greatly.