4hr Bull Div on Link (again)

The last 4hr bull div on link I posted played out really nice, got stopped out of that move in profit... now looks like a great time to re-enter that position.

going to keep my stop relatively tight at 5-7% loss something around the $11.80 mark. seems like we only go that low if BTC shits the bed. that continues to look unlikely to me.

Ideally I look to take some profit at ~$16 at about a 26% gain, holding the bulk for a hopeful retest of the previous ATH around $20. That would be 80% or so up from where we are sitting now and if Alt Szn mania takes hold in the next week I'll consider holding out for a new ATH .

We all know $LINK is a beast when it starts to move... and it's been lagging for a while now.