$LINK: Double bottom? Pitchfork intact!

BINANCE:LINKUSD   ChainLink / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hey ya'll this is just kind of a check in. In my "we've seen this before..." post that I linked below, we talked about how $LINK usually behaves before massive runs. The price action did in fact dip to that 20 dollar lower blue line. And with that we saw a LOT of buy support created. As you can see now, on the 4 hour chart we've formed a nice higher low, above lower 1.0 blue deviation. We're currently testing the 0.5 deviation and if we don't reclaim that? I'd look for another leg down. If $LINK's PA follows previous fractals? I'd expect it to range for quite a while in this channel that we're in? But if we fight above the 0.5 pitchfork prong? Then we're building back those patterns and consistencies in behavior.

Either way. $LINK staking is coming... you have until then to stack as much as you can before it leaves this hilariously low price range, and we push up towards 3 figures and beyond.

Just be patient. It's probably going to range for a month or two.