Many are requesting a chainlink chart. Chainlink is approaching a great buy opportunity. It is trading in a bearish pennant , which suggest lower prices are on the way. However, I believe the pattern objective won't be completely exhausted, and link will touch 20 to resume then the bull run with solid momentum. 20 dollars is a strong support area , as it is a crucial lower high from February, flipping of resistance back in July. It is also where the diagonal support is created by linking together the low of waves 2 and 4. It is where the 0,618 retracements of the last rally are sitting, which is also the target for the retracement of wave 1 of the new bull run. It is beautiful. after this last week/10 days of weakness, LINK will climb up to break the descending wedge and reach 35 to complete the continuation inverse HnS . The indicators are starting to look great, with the RSI and Stoch RSI daily approaching the oversold area. The first target then will be 56. However, as a final target for this bull run, I have 297.
I hope you understand everything in the chart. If you need any clarification, just comment below.
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