Chainlink vs USD and ETH - BUY #linkmarines

I will wait to see if the LINK/ETH will confirm the support area here, and to assure myself that we are not starting a H&S formation next (witch I hope we will not) and I will exchange 15 to 25% of my ETH to Chaninlink. In the bigger picture on 2W time frame I noticed a buy signal coming next on MACD indicator, and also, a second touch of RSI to oversold area, witch I think next we will bring us back up. (I'm referring to Chainlink/ETH pair here).
About the left picture, I believe the LINK/USD pair has in the 11 to 15 a strong buy and BUY zones. My personal opinion is that we shall see till march 2022 new ATHs as showed in the drawn chanells.

This is not a financial advise!
Take care of yur hard made money guys!