NASDAQ:LITE   Lumentum Holdings Inc
#LITE, Lumentum Holdings Inc. Everything on the screen, from the features of the technical analysis , here is the fact that the paper had 2 resistance levels (the area of ​​two yellow circles), so it was required to wait for the breakdown of both resistance levels, this is a strictly mandatory condition in such cases. I foresee that it will go to the goals like scalded, a very large volume of the release was yesterday. 2 growth targets - 114.16 (+ 18.72%) and 121.08 (+ 25.5% in total). If desired, this is a good entry point into the medium term, the company's business is promising
Comment: The security fell 10% on some news, calmly average the position, as it fell exactly to the level of big support of $ 95
Comment: The paper movement pattern is assumed along the lilac arrow line. Stay in position, have patience and courage