Will Lakeland Financial Join The Market Drop?

NASDAQ:LKFN   Lakeland Financial Corporation
The teetering market likely has more red in the immediate future before Spring's official arrival. 5 of our algorithms signaled decline in the near term for Lakeland Financial . Like most signals, they are not obeyed immediately. But this is great for those in the options market looking for potential deals. This stock has continued to move up and has widen the gap between where it is and where it likely will be soon. The near-term top is likely in, maybe a day or two more that it rises at most. This could be a great setup for a drop.

Our second iteration of our Buy Sell Now algorithm triggered. So far, it has always resulted in a 3% decline from the closing signal price over the following 35 trading days. The stock has yet to decline an iota below the closing signal price of 68.35 from March 2. There are two possibilities. This streak of perfection for this algorithm has come to an end (it is bound to happen). Or, there is plenty of time for the historical decline. This could be a great opportunity for the options market.

Of all 5 algorithms, the median decline from the signal price is 5.8%. That puts a firm target bottom around 64.39. Based on Friday's close of 72.48, the stock could be set to fall a staggering 11% soon. Obviously historical data may not represent itself but it is always good to have more information when making decisions. Let me know what you think.

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