Triangle with base on 49. Lloyds,a future british Deutsche Bank?

If this lovely bank breaks the base of this triangle, the protection is almost bankruptcy.

Another Deutsche Bank in the UK plenty of toxic derivatives??...


Mark Carney and the BOE rate setting board have been very careful not to lower interest rates in order to protect the banks from bankruptcy. The banks are too big to fail and will be bailed out by the tax payer time and time again. It's possible that it will test the lows of 20p again in the coming years. Expect some idea of the true cost of PPI coming in the next few months. If better than expected we should see a bounce. Would you buy now? I think the risks are far higher than any 'profit', the proof is in the pudding as they say. After watching the Japanese banks suffer similar problems in the late 80's I have no doubt that they will rebound one day. But it could be 15-20 years to see them become the monoliths they always wanted to be.
adomakin mirtosat
@mirtosat, monolith - great word
GeorgeOfTj mirtosat
@mirtosat, Short. No doubt. Remember triangles used to be broken by the plane side around 2/3 rds of its length. Don´t use any Fundamental Analysis. You´ll be ALWAYS late. AI of all the quantum investors analyze and incorporate IN REAL time on the operative, therefore, in the graphs. When there's ANY result or news, they have read and operate before you get to download even the pdf.