NYSE:LMT   Lockheed Martin Corporation
What has Bitcoin and Lockheed Martin got in common? I show how both have been resistant in recent weeks to corrections in the S&P500 , and one possible contributing factor. Why is any of this important? Well - war is a serious systematic risk to all traders and investors. (See disclaimer below).

Am I saying there is going to be a war? I am NOT! Am I predicting war? I am NOT!

So what I am saying is:
1. Fears of war - real war - could be one important contributing factor among several others, that drives people to put there value into a very volatile instrument such as Bitcoin . In other words investors and small people are so scared that they willing to sail very 'unpredictable seas'.
2. The gap up on Lockheed Martin at 23rd April was not closed. Price began following a parabolic curve that was resistant to the correction in the S&P500 .
3. Lockheed Martin is without doubt about war. This is where the US Government will push their money when preparing for a war. Preparation for war does not mean war will happen!
4. You and I won't be told by the US Govt , 'Hey guys, we're going to war... get ready.'. These are very deep decision-making issues that happen well outside the knowledge of the public.
5. The gap up on 23rd April on LMT may be your only signal of what's possibly coming.

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FAT DISCLAIMER: This post is speculative. It is labelled 'long' only because the technical picture suggest further price advancement in the longer term based on the current 8H trend analysis. This is not advice or encouragement to trade securities or any other instrument. No liabilities accepted for your loss should you make decisions or feel influenced by this post. In other words, sue yourself if you lose your money.
Comment: Some may not appreciate how this chart below is relevant. It is possibly about fear of war. This is not a tutorial.

Comment: This could get very ugly!
Comment: Where we are now!

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