Loopring 8 Consecutive Green Candles | Big Jump Ahead! 200%+

BINANCE:LRCBTC   Loopring / Bitcoin
The Loopring ( LRCBTC ) chart is showing the following pattern:
This pattern can lead to a strong jump in prices. The RSI is now strong which also supports this signal.

All of the targets can be found clearly marked on the chart above.
200% Can be easily achieved by this pair, more overtime...

Comment: TARGET:

1) 0.00000380 |Hit 6-Feb. (+23%)
2) 0.00000444 |Hit 15-Feb. (+44%)
3) 0.00000555 |Hit 15-Feb. (+80%)
4) 0.00000625 |Hit 10-Mar. (+103%)
*) 0.00000662 |Hit 10-Mar. (+115%)
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Thanks Master
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when reched 1000
What are price targets though? This project is so strong I can't see myself sell before 3000satoshi
AlanSantana azoffdonn
@azoffdonn, All the targets are marked on the chart.
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